To complement the wishes of numerous clinicians and endless patients we offer a range of, mainly three, specifications across most products. These are: Classic, Bespoke & Prestige, which we hope are largely self-explanatory, but for the avoidance of doubt each are outlined below:

Classic: the combination of proven and desirable features and techniques for everyday value for money restorations.

Bespoke: a variety of options can be selected for discerning clinicians or patients to blend individual packages for enhanced restorations at a fixed price.

Prestige: top of the range and still evolving to raise the bar for those demanding clinicians or patients that wish the ultimate restorations.
As our prestige range is evolving we invite any clinicians interested in this specification to contribute to their development by proposing desired features, or referring to studies etc. that indicate ‘state of the art’ features or procedures that would offer clinician or patient benefits.

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Crown and Bridge Implants  Prosthetics 
Crown and Bridge Implants Prosthetics